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5 Tips for Driving Safely Through Construction Areas

Road and highway construction becomes more popular in the spring and summer. As a motorist, you should be prepared for backups and the dangers that could arise in these zones. Here are our top 5 tips for driving through construction areas:

  1. Pay attention to the signs - Whenever you see those bright orange signs, you know that they indicate that road construction is near. Make sure you proceed cautiously and follow what the signs say to stay safe. There should be a sign that indicates the end of the zone.
  2. Expect the unexpected - Road construction means that the road you're familiar with is getting altered somehow. Workers may have cones and other warning signs to indicate changes to the speed limit, lanes, etc.
  3. Don't follow too close behind others - Because it can be challenging to predict what changes are made to the road, you must keep a safe distance between yourself and other cars. The most common accident in any work zone is a rear-end collision. The extra room will give you time to brake safely and abruptly if needed.
  4. Slow down - It is common knowledge that you should slow down in these zones. Plus, you don't want to hit any potholes, rubble, or road bumps in the process. Slowing down will give you more time to react safely.
  5. Plan ahead - If you know you have somewhere to be at a particular time, make sure you give yourself enough time to get there. Expect delays with road construction, so feel free to leave early.

Please be careful if you run into road construction this spring and summer. For all your auto maintenance and repair needs, know that you can rely on the automotive experts at ASAP Automotive & Transmission. Please give us a call or visit soon.

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