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Tips for Maintaining an Idle Vehicle

Tips for Maintaining an Idle Vehicle

Cars are built to run, not to sit idle in the driveway. An idle car means less wear and tear, no spending on gas, and no regular cash wash for some drivers. When it comes to saving a few bucks, this is a good thing. However, when a car sits idle for a long time, it may develop mechanical and electrical problems, which includes; Rusting (Body and The Brake Rotors) Drained Battery Oxidation and Condensation in The Car's Fuel System Deterioration of Oil and Other Fluids, Etc. If your car is going to sit idle for a long time, there are things you need to regularly look out for and do to avoid the accumulation of potential problems. Cover Your Car and Keep It Covered. This will protect your car from the harmful effects of the elements of weather. Battery If you want to protect your car's battery and make sure it doesn't drain, drive your work, or at least start it on a regular basis. You may have to keep the car running for at least five minutes to ... read more

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