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What Happens When Your Timing Belt Breaks?

What Happens When Your Timing Belt Breaks?

It is essential always to ensure your car is in top condition to avoid any eventualities while driving. The engine is usually the most critical part of your vehicle and should be treated carefully to maintain smooth running. Some engine issues may require a minor fix, while others signal serious trouble, like a broken timing belt. What is a Timing Belt? A timing belt is a toothed belt or chain in the engine that perfectly synchronizes the crankshaft and camshaft. This ensures timely opening and closing of engine valves during each intake and exhaust stroke. It also prevents the piston from striking the valves. But what happens if the timing belt breaks? If a timing belt breaks, you will hear a lot of noise in your engine. If you fail to act promptly, the engine dies completely. Usually, your car cannot run without a timing belt. So if it breaks while driving, your vehicle will completely stop. Your engine may also experience severe damage. When the timing belt breaks, the camshaft ... read more

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