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Why Is My Car Feeling Sluggish?

Why Is My Car Feeling Sluggish?

Have you pressed down on the gas pedal in your vehicle, just to feel a little hesitation? When we hit the gas, we have an expectation that our cars will take off. If your car doesn’t do it smoothly, it means you have sluggish acceleration.   This is a common problem with older, high-mileage cars, so don’t feel surprised if that matches your car’s description. There are several reasons that can explain why your car is feeling sluggish. In some cases, it could be a side effect of old age. Other times, it may be because you’ve failed to keep up with routine maintenance.    Engine problems are the most prevalent issue behind slow get-up-and-go responses. However, your sluggish performance may be due to the following factors as well:   Dirty fuel filter – Fuel filters play an important role in blocking out dirt and debris from your vehicle's fuel system. Over an extended period, you will need to replace it to prevent the fuel pump ... read more

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