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Monthly Archives: May 2022

What Are the Signs of a Faulty Thermostat?

What Are the Signs of a Faulty Thermostat?

Your car, SUV, or truck’s thermostat is responsible for letting coolant into the engine once it picks up a high temperature. The thermostat can typically last up to 10 years. If your vehicle is old, it may be good to go ahead and replace it at the first signs of problems. Read on to learn more about the warning signs of a faulty thermostat. Erratic Temperature Gauge – Naturally, your engine should read cold when your first start the car and slowly creep up to the middle range as the motor warms up. If the gauge is reading lower or higher than usual, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the thermostat. Cabin Temperature Changes – The thermostat can also affect the temperature of the cabin. If the temperature of the air inside goes from hot to cold or cold to hot without you adjusting the temperature, this is a sign that your thermostat is not working as it should.  Heater Problems - If your thermostat is stuck in the open position, it may be imp ... read more

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