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What Does the Color of My Exhaust Mean?

What Does the Color of My Exhaust Mean?

Under normal operating conditions, most vehicles on the road today are healthy and well-built enough to run with little to no exhaust smoke at all. That is why an excessive amount of smoke from the exhaust pipes can mean that your car is facing some serious issues. Depending on the appearance and color of the smoke, you can get a good idea of what the problem may be. Read on to learn about the different exhaust smoke colors that can be emitted by your car and what they mean. White Smoke Thin and wispy white smoke is simply a result of condensation from water droplets. However, thick, white clouds puffing out of your vehicle may be a serious problem. This symptom is often a result of coolant leaking into the combustion chamber and being burned. You should wait for your car to cool off and check on your coolant levels to be sure. Common causes include: Cracked cylinder block or head Blown head gasket Grey/Blue Smoke Blue exhaust smoke typically means that your engine is burning lea ... read more

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