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What Does the ALT Light on My Dashboard Mean?

What Does the ALT Light on My Dashboard Mean?

Some cars have a warning light that displays the letter A-L-T, but what does it mean? If the ALT light appears on your vehicle’s dashboard, it stands for the alternator, which means that your alternator (or other electrical part) is having issues. In other vehicles, the ALT light is a part of the battery light or can be displayed as G-E-N. Regardless, you will need to diagnose your electrical dashboard warning light and make the necessary repairs so that you aren’t left stranded.    The alternator is a key electrical component, responsible for charging your battery and supplying power to various car accessories like the windshield wipers, power seats, GPS, and more. Here are some of the warning symptoms that indicate you have a faulty alternator: Accessory Malfunction Of course when your alternator stops working, so does the function of the accessories it powers. They may phase out instead of stop working completely. For example, your car lights may appear dim ... read more

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