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How To Wash Your Car Like A Pro At Home

In this blog, we will share with you steps and tips for cleaning your vehicle professionally at home. You are going to look at the best ways to clean the interior and exterior, and the best part is that it won't cost you a fortune. It will be split up into two parts, interior and exterior, with thorough explanations of the process that goes into fulfilling the task.

Exterior Clean

Cleaning the vehicle's exterior is the easier of the two, so let's start with it. For this, you will need access to a running water or pressure washer, a good washing/foaming solution, a microfiber glove, and a brush/broom. These are the steps you should follow:

  • First, spray the whole car with white water.
  • Then get your microfiber glove and cleaning solution.
  • Start lightly scrubbing the car, from top to bottom - this is done, so you don't scratch it because there is more buildup on the bottom.
  • Clean the windows, mirrors, and roof thoroughly with the brush/broom.
  • Use the cleaning fluid on the wheels and rims and agitate all the dirt and debris with the brush/broom - only after you are done with everything else, so you don't scratch the paint/windows.
  • Get in between all the cracks of the rims - rinse and repeat if needed.
  • Give the car a final wash with water,

Pro-tip: For the best results, consider getting a drying rug and hand dry the whole car. In addition to that, invest in a good brand of hand-applied wax for a finished and shiny look.

Interior Cleaning

Cleaning the interior of a vehicle on your own can be tedious, but don't worry, we are here to help. The needed supplies for the steps below are a soft microfiber towel, a good interior cleaner, small brushes, a vacuum cleaner, and a nice interior perfume. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • First, start by spraying and getting into all the little holes and crevices of the interior using the brush
  • Wipe everything off with a rug and spray it again, but this time just go over it with the microfiber towel.
  • Give all of the fabrics and leather a good vacuum clean, and then use an interior fabric cleaner to freshen them up.
  • After all this, vacuum the floor, and give the door frames a few passes with the towel.
  • Spray the interior perfume on fabrics only and on the floor - when the A/C or heater is turned on, it gets the nice smell everywhere.

Pro-tip: Get an extra clean microfiber towel and give the inside and outside of the windows a clean whit an ordinary window cleaner. For the best result, as weird as it may sound, try whipping them with a slightly watered towel and then wipe it off with a dry one.

Cleaning your car should be on your list for regular maintenance procedures. It's commonly overlooked, but it should be. It doesn't only make the car look good, but also cleans debris and gunk that can damage it over time.  For regular maintenance outside of vehicle cleaning, bring your car to ASAP Automotive & Transmission.

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