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How to Winterize Your Vehicle

You will know the winter season is around the corner when leaves start dropping off the trees and days begin getting shorter. During the winter, you may experience cold temperatures, snow and ice. Traveling will also be difficult because of the impaired driving conditions.


The change in seasons is an excellent opportunity to review the conditions of your car and prepare for winter. It is easy to let renovating your car wait until the fall season comes. But preparations will help you be safe on the road.


Here are the areas that you will review when winterizing your car:


Clean the Inside

Give the interior of your car a deep clean when the weather is fair. You definitely will not enjoy digging spare change and snow from between the seats when snow is surrounding you. Clean the dashboard and the accessories in your car. Vacuum clean the carpet and clean your trunk to create a clean space for carrying winter essentials. Consider replacing the floor mats with weather-resistant mats.


Wax On and Off

Visit a car wash and let the car cleaners clear off the summer dust and the bugs. Use wax to coat and secure the exterior against road salt. Ensure you are using wax that will ease brushing off snow and ice. Take care of the chips and scratches because they will worsen during winter.


Replace the Burnt Out Light

Days become shorter during winter. Therefore you will switch on the headlight earlier than usual. Ensure signal, hazard, and backup lights are in the proper working condition.


Replace your Summer Tires with Snow Tires

Get yourself the winter tires and store the summer tires. An opaque plastic bag will help keep the tires under consistent and cool temperatures. If you don’t need snow tires, be sure to check the tread of your tires to make sure that they are in good condition and properly filled with air. 


Avoid a Deep Freeze

Use some lubricant early enough to prevent the locks from freezing. Spraying graphite-based lubricant into the keyholes will also be helpful. Apply silicone based-rubber lubricant on your weather stripping to prevent the seal from sticking together.


Getting Started

Preparing your car for the winter months will give you the confidence of driving through icy and slippery roads. If you need assistance getting your vehicle ready for the winter months ahead, we invite you to bring your vehicle to ASAP Automotive & Transmission today.

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