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Sending Your Child En Route to College!

Back to school time is creeping upon us once again. And some of us are on our way in sending a child off to college with their car. It is time to consider whether the vehicle can meet the riding challenges en route to university. Whether it's a new or old vehicle, we want our children to arrive at their destination safely. As a parent, some questions to consider regarding the trip are:

  • How many miles away is the school? 
  • What type of roads will the vehicle be driven on? Highway? Busy city streets?
  • Will the student be using the car while on campus? If so, are there any fees associated with that?
  • Once there, will the vehicle be kept in a garage or be subject to a parking lot?

A new environment can create new challenges for any driver of any age group. It is essential to have that last talk with your child about car safety before sending them off.


Tips for Parents

Consider a Pre-College Inspection. As mentioned before, you have to anticipate and plan for the new environment. If the weather conditions at college are different from at home, you may have to adjust your car. For instance, you might have to upgrade the tires or replace the wiper blades to prepare for more severe wintry conditions. All in all, you want to make sure there are no issues with the car before the student departs.


Stock Up on Car Essentials. Everyone should have their tools! Essential tools such as an ice scraper, tire gauge, and phone chargers are critical for all drivers.


Have "the talk". Ensure that your student has a basic understanding of the critical components under the hood. Before they leave, lift the hood and show them the refill reservoirs of the brake, power steering, and transmission fluids. 


Teach Them the Obvious Warning Signs. You should help them understand the importance of detecting odd sounds or abnormal smells. Most of the time, those are indicators that some systems may be failing. Seizing a possible breakdown can save your college student some money while ensuring their safety!


Last but not least, reiterate that life is a journey. College is an exciting chapter in anyone's life - Enjoy the ride! 


If your student driver requires a complete inspection on their vehicles before the start of school, bring it to ASAP Automotive & Transmission today! Give us a call if you have any questions.

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