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Signs You’re Overdue for An Oil Change

With so much happening in the world, it can leave you wondering, “when’s the last time I got my oil changed?” Not remembering your last oil change service is usually the first time your vehicle is overdue. However, there are several other signs to look out for. Skipping your oil change can lead to permanent engine damage. If you suspect your vehicle needs an oil change, below are a few symptoms to pay attention to.  

The engine oil is low and gritty.
While your vehicle is cold, open the hood of your car and check the oil. Low motor oil is a sign; it’s time for a replacement. Although, it’s also important to check the quality of the oil as well. New engine oil is typically honey-colored. Engine oil that hasn’t been changed is dark-colored and may be contaminated with pollutants. The ideal consistency of engine oil is smooth and fluid. Gritty oil should be changed immediately before it impacts the efficiency of the engine. 

Your engine is overheating. 
As engine oil deteriorates, it loses the ability to lubricate the metal engine parts. This can cause metal on metal friction within the engine. Without lubrication, the engine will overheat. You may also notice a burning smell and smoke coming from beneath the hood. If your vehicle is overheating, it’s important to pull over to a safe area to allow your car to cool down. 

The dashboard light comes on.
Modern vehicles have a built-in system to alert you if your car needs an oil change. The moment the oil can illuminate on your dashboard, seek professional assistance. Never wait for the indicator light to come on before getting an oil change. By the time the oil comes on, the damage will already be done.  

Oil change service in Bear, DE

Engine oil is the blood of your engine, and without it, your vehicle can’t properly function. When it’s time to schedule an oil change, reach out to one of our expert ASE Certified technicians. Our friendly, personable staff will offer a quick oil change service that will have you back on the road in no time. If you can’t wait with your vehicle, we offer early bird drop-offs and after-hours drop-offs. Our team is currently offering a $29.95 oil change special for all new and existing customers.

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