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Tips for Maintaining an Idle Vehicle

Cars are built to run, not to sit idle in the driveway. An idle car means less wear and tear, no spending on gas, and no regular cash wash for some drivers. When it comes to saving a few bucks, this is a good thing. However, when a car sits idle for a long time, it may develop mechanical and electrical problems, which includes;

  • Rusting (Body and The Brake Rotors)
  • Drained Battery
  • Oxidation and Condensation in The Car's Fuel System
  • Deterioration of Oil and Other Fluids, Etc.

If your car is going to sit idle for a long time, there are things you need to regularly look out for and do to avoid the accumulation of potential problems.

Cover Your Car and Keep It Covered.

This will protect your car from the harmful effects of the elements of weather.


If you want to protect your car's battery and make sure it doesn't drain, drive your work, or at least start it on a regular basis. You may have to keep the car running for at least five minutes to ensure that the battery gets charged.

Fuel and Exhaust

Even though you won't be using your vehicle often, you need to keep a full gas tank. You must be wondering why this is so. Well, a full tank limits gas-tank condensation that would end up circulating throughout the fuel system when you finally take it out for a spin.


When you don't use your vehicle over a long period of time, the brake rotors tend to rust, especially during winter. Drive your car at least once a week to keep rust at bay.


Oil tends to deteriorate when a car sits idle for a long time; that is why you should get it circulating by starting your machine often. You can set aside the weekends for starting the vehicle to avoid unprecedented repairs in the near future,


When was the last time you checked your vehicle's tire pressure? Did you know that when a car stays on the same spot for a while, the tires develop bald and flat spots? Taking your car out for a spin every once in a while rotates the tires to avoid these issues.

Wrapping Up

You need to start your car at least once every week and let it run for about five minutes. You can even go as far as driving the machine around your block to warm up components like the shocks, brakes, and tires. If you need a vehicle inspection performed to keep your car running at its best, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!

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