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Top 5 Signs That Your Battery Is Going To Die Soon

A healthy, running battery is needed to provide power from everything to the starter, engine, radio, and more. Just like any other type of battery, car batteries do not last forever. Most automotive batteries last 2 to 5 years, depending on the quality and type of battery, the vehicle, and the climate in which you drive. It's essential that you keep track of when you need to replace your car battery, but sometimes your battery may start to die before the end of its expected "expiration." So, can you tell when there's no more life left to give in your car battery?

  • When the vehicle battery is about to die, the engine will have slow and rough starts.
  • In some cases, your car will not be able to start at all. And whenever you attempt to start it, you may only be faced with a buzzing or clicking sound.
  • You might see physical evidence that your battery is on its last straw. If you open the hood to find that the battery terminals or cables are covered in corrosion, the battery is probably no good.
  • When your battery is close to failure, you may catch your headlights going dim or blinking irregularly. Some other electrical parts might not work the same either, such as the power windows, power seating, or radio.
  • Your vehicle will start but then immediately turn off. This usually means that the battery can't hold the charge to keep the engine running. 

Regular battery inspections are an important step in proper auto maintenance and prevent major inconveniences like those mentioned above. If your vehicle shows any of the signs above, or you want to have your battery tested, we welcome you to bring your car to the experts at ASAP Automotive & Transmission.

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