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What Are the Signs of Suspension Problems?

The suspension system does more than keep you comfortable on car rides. It is responsible for the stability and safety of your car. The suspension system keeps your car grounded whether it is on smooth, paved roads or rocky terrain. Specifically, the shocks and struts absorb the impact of the road. It is hard to miss when your suspension components are due for a replacement as it will impact steering, braking, and your vehicle’s overall performance.

Symptoms That Mean Your Car Needs Suspension Repairs

  • Greasy or Wet Appearance on Struts - Most struts are filled with a fluid that helps them perform well. If there’s a leak around your suspension area, you should have your suspension checked. 
  • Bouncy Car Ride - If your vehicle bounces excessively going over minor bumps on the road, it is an obvious sign that your suspension is failing. You can double-check by performing the bounce test. Push on the corners of your vehicle, and see how it reacts. If your shocks/struts are worn, the vehicle will bounce more than once. 
  • Uneven Tire Wear - With weak suspension and bouncy car rides, your tires aren’t going to grip the road properly. Over time, this can cause random patches of wear on your tires. 
  • Vehicle Drifting or Pulling on Turns - If your vehicle rolls or leans too much on a turn, you should take it as a sign to have your suspension checked out. 
  • Front End Dips When Braking - When you apply the brakes, does the front of your vehicle feel wobbly or lurch forward? If so, this is a common sign of poor suspension. 

If your vehicle is showing any of the signs above, please bring your car to our auto repair shop for an inspection. We are the top choice for all suspension repairs and maintenance in the area. Please call or visit the local experts at ASAP Automotive & Transmission soon.

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