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What Is Causing My Vehicle to Leak Motor Oil?

Oil leaks in cars occur more often than you might think, so don't freak out if you notice a dark puddle around your vehicle. There are various ways your automobile can leak oil, and it's trying to figure out why is the annoying part. 

Common Causes for Oil Leaks in Vehicles

  1. Clogged or Loose Oil Filter - Oil filters are in place to filter out contaminants from your engine oil so that it can allow clean and smooth combustion. When a filter hasn't been changed in a while, it can restrict the oil flowing into the engine chambers, increasing the pressure and leaking oil. A poorly fitted filter can also cause a leak, so please ensure it is installed in place.
  2. Worn Gaskets - A gasket seals your engine's valve cover and potion. Over time, this rubbery cover gasket can deteriorate from exposure to high heat and pressure, causing oil to leak.
  3. Untightened Drain Plug - This passageway is where mechanics drain used motor oil. It can be found under the car and attached to the oil pan. If it is not secured, it will cause leaks right below your parked vehicle.
  4. Broken Oil Pan - The oil pan is where all the motor oil is collected when not being used. It is also stored there to cool down. While a damaged oil pan is rare, it is possible, especially if a road obstacle hits it. 

You may be tempted to shrug off a few drops of engine oil, but it could be indicative of something much more serious. A leak is still a leak, no matter the severity. It would be best to check your oil levels and top off your oil.


If you need help repairing an engine oil leak, please do not hesitate to contact the auto specialists at ASAP Automotive & Transmission.

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