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What Noises Does a Failing Transmission Make?

The transmission is one of the basic parts of your car. It is responsible for converting the combustion power of the engine into the momentum the drives the wheels to move your car. Therefore, if it is not working properly, your car is not going to run efficiently. But how can you know when your car's transmission has an issue? While there are many symptoms of a failing transmission, there are several transmission sounds that should signal an alarm. Some of these sounds include:

Grinding Sounds

Grinding sounds from the transmission system can be quite worrying, especially if your car has an automatic transmission. The automatic transmission relies on the proper operation of a planetary gear system. If the gear system has an advanced problem, you may hear grinding sounds coming from the transmission, and the transmission could already be damaged. Visiting your auto shop will enable you to know your options.

Gurgling Sound

Gurgling sounds from the transmission usually indicate that there is a problem with the levels of the transmission fluid. The noise is a result of excessive air in the transmission lines. The problem may develop if there is a transmission leak or when you forget to check the level of the transmission fluid. Therefore, when you hear gurgling noises from your transmission, you may have to visit an auto shop to ensure that the issue is fixed before the transmission can start developing more serious problems.


When there is a whining sound coming from the transmission, then there are several potential problems that your transmission could be having. This can make it difficult for you to diagnose the issue on your own. Some possible culprits include a clogged transmission line and problems with the torque converter. But whatever the cause, whining sounds from the transmission call for the immediate attention of a mechanic.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if your transmission is producing a peculiar noise, then it could be facing a serious problem, and you need to see your mechanic immediately. If you need transmission repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today.

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