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What Problems Can Make You Steering Wheel Feel Stiff?

There's no point in driving a car if you can't steer it! Over time, your vehicle's steering wheel may become stiff and show signs of wear and tear. A rigid steering wheel should never be overlooked and should always be inspected by an automotive professional as soon as possible. Here are some of the potential issues that can be causing your steering wheel to harden up:


Damaged Steering Rack

If your steering wheel feels heavy in addition to the stiffness, it's most likely a problem with the steering rack. The hot summer temperatures or excessive road debris can cause your rack to malfunction.  

Cracked Serpentine Belt

If you feel a lot of strain in the steering wheel when turning it, this can imply that you've got damage on your serpentine belt. Wear and tear on this rubbery belt is normal. It may just need a simple replacement.

Low on Power Steering Fluid

The steering wheel is a hydraulic system which means it relies on a solution to function well. At ASAP Automotive & Transmission, our techs can top off your power steering fluid for you. We can check for leaks too!

Old or Contaminated Steering Fluid

If you've neglected vehicle maintenance for a while and the steering wheel fluid hasn't been replaced, it can cause some severe problems. Old steering wheel fluid can become thick and too weak to lubricate the steering system adequately. 

Damaged Power Steering Pump 

The power steering pump is responsible for creating sufficient pressure to twist and turn the steering wheel. If the pump is impaired in any way, you'll struggle to turn the wheel.


If the steering wheel is stiffening up when you're driving, please do not hesitate to take your vehicle to ASAP Automotive & Transmission. Our ASE-certified technicians are experts in the power steering system and would be glad to inspect your vehicle. Give us a call at (302) 444-8659 today to make an appointment.

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