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What Vehicle Parts Can Potholes Damage?

This diagram shows the different parts that can be damaged by potholes.

It happens to us all. One second the road is flat and we're cruising along and the next moment a pothole comes out of nowhere, with a jarring impact. If that has ever happened to you, then you know how scary something like that can be and the many questions that run through your mind. The biggest of which is, did I damage anything on my car? Here is a list of the parts of your car that can be affected by a run-in with a pothole.

1. Steering and suspension -


Damage done to either will give you clear signs. When your steering has been damaged the steering wheel may vibrate or shake. Going straight down a road the vehicle will begin to pull either towards one side or another on its own when you let go of the wheel.


When the suspension is affected the vehicle will either ride rougher than it did before and you can feel that your car doesn't ride as smooth as it used to or the car will completely bottom out when going over speed bumps and off curbs. Scraping the bottom of the car.

2. Exhaust -

You can hear the difference when your exhaust or muffler has been damaged by a pothole. There is a loud noise that wasn't there before due to holes or damage.

3. Wheel Rims -

Wheel rims look bent and damaged and could also contribute to your car pulling to one side or another while driving.

4. Tires -

Anytime there is damage to your tires there are clear signs. Tires can lose air and appear flat. Taking the palm of your hand rub the front wall of your tire and inspect for bubbles and blisters, and any signs of wire hanging out. Any damage done to your tires needs immediate attention and replacement.

5. Alignment -

Alignment damage is reflected through the steering wheel. (Pulling to one side while driving)

If you've recently driven over a pothole and suspect that damage was done, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into our shop for further inspection!

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