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When To Replace Your Car Battery

No car can function without its battery. The battery is responsible for starting the car up and powering all the electronics, yet it does have a finite lifetime as it is subject to wear. Here are some telltale signs that your car's battery is nearing the end of its life and warrants replacement.

No start or slow start

As the battery is responsible for providing the starter with a charge to get the car running, any problems with starting the car may be due to a faulty battery. A dead battery will not provide any charge, and therefore the car will not start at all, while a weak battery will take some time to get the engine started. Once your car is slow to start, you should intervene as failure is imminent.

Check engine light is on

The check engine light is notoriously difficult to interpret as it comes on for just about any reason. That said, an illuminated check engine light should prompt you to check your car's battery.

Malfunctioning electronics

The battery, as mentioned previously, powers all of your car's electronics. These include your car's radio, onboard computer, and lights. If your car's battery is weak, you may experience malfunctions of these systems or notice that you are no longer able to have all these running at once.

The battery doesn't look right

You should check the battery terminals as well as the connections for any signs of corrosion, which commonly manifests as a white powder. Prompt replacement of the connectors or the battery is necessary as the battery will no longer function efficiently.

Most materials respond to extremes in temperature by either shrinking or swelling, and this is no different for your car's battery. A bulging, warped battery, or one that is no longer rectangular should be replaced.

In summary, your car's battery should be replaced if you notice any of the above signs that it has lived out its use. Alternatively, you could test your battery's performance every three years to be safe. If you need a car battery replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!

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