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Why Isn’t My Car Heater Working?

You are on the road in your car. It's in winter, and you badly need some heat to keep you warm. You need heat to help with road visibility. Then boom! The heater is not working. You endure a freezing ride and struggle with vision. If this scenario scares you, then you need to make sure that your car heater is functioning all the time.

The heating system is a composition of the heater core, HVAC, heater fan, and coolant system to maintain favorable temperatures in the cabin. Unreliable car heaters may frustrate you during cold winters and make the ride unbearable. There are common heater troubles that might affect the functionality of the vehicle. Understanding them and getting proper diagnosis and repairs ensures comfort during freezing weather.

These are the common issues that might render your heater non-functional;

A Faulty Heater Core

Heater core troubles inhibit the coolant from traveling through it appropriately. This prevents air blown from the blower from reaching it, especially if there are clogging and other leaks. It reduces sufficient coolant flow to the engine system. Apart from engine overheating, the issue further inhibits the heater from blowing hot air.

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat might be stuck open or stick close. It causes issues with the engine's cooling system. Failure of the thermostat to open inhibits the coolant's sufficient flow, which makes the temperatures remain low.

Low Levels of the Antifreeze and Its Contamination

A drop in the antifreeze level makes it difficult for hot air to get to the heater core. It can happen if the engine is overworking, and this makes the cabin remain chilly. Contamination of the coolant also causes trouble with the heater. If left unchecked for long times, the antifreeze becomes contaminated, and this might trigger it to freeze, which is unable to keep the engine from freezing or overheating.

A Broken Heater Fan

The heater fan blows heat into the cabin. Troubles with the heater fan cause challenges in getting warm air to the cabin, making it chilly throughout. Sometimes the heater fan might suffer electrical short that affects its functioning.

For all your car heater repairs, drive to our auto repair shop and allow us to restore your heating system back to its best!

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